How Are We Going To Get There?

Hopefully everyone in your charity knows where you are going, but do they know how to get there and what part they can play?

We write workable and sensible fundraising, programme, organisational and HR strategies, which are ready to use. After all what’s the point of writing a strategy for it to gather dust in a corner?

Chris is from another world. That was quality facilitation of the highest order!
— Deprose Muchena Regional Director for Southern Africa Amnesty International

Case Study

Amnesty International


Develop a pan-African programme to address police brutality


We facilitated a two-day workshop with people from Kenya, South Africa and Nigeria, leading the team through a structured process to enable them to explain the basis for an innovative, new programme designed to combat excessive use of force by police.

By the end of the workshop we had identified the key issues to be addressed, agreed a clear goal, identified the organisations that would help achieve the goal and the activities needed to deliver the intended outcomes.


Three different Amnesty countries working together towards a clear, unifying goal. The next stage is to talk with potential partners.